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DAWEG is run by volunteers. DAWEG consists of a chairperson, a board of directors and other service positions. Our latest Annual General Meeting was held November 3, 2016 where we voted in our Board of Directors and our new Chair. See the descriptions of the DAWEG Board Roles for more details.

We always need more volunteers. Create a new position, join one of our existing committees or just lend a hand! Please email our Volunteer Coordinator at daweg.volunteer@gmail.com for more information or come to our next Roundtable Discussion to find out more.

Chair: Sarv Jahankhani, P.Eng.

Chair of DAWEG-
APEGBC Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering and Geoscience.  

Sarv completed her Bachelors of Applied Sciences in Geological Engineering at UBC. She is currently practicing as a civil engineer at Stantec. She also has experience in the mining sector including several feasibility and optimization-level open-pit slope and waste dump design projects in Canada and South America. Sarv has volunteered for numerous organizations, including UBC, Charles University, and Vancouver Art Gallery. She enjoys networking with people of different disciplines and background experiences to enhance her own.
In her role with DAWEG, Sarv is excited to engage and support other women in Engineering and Geoscience in the hopes of overcoming challenges together and progressing in this field.

Past Chair: Anja Lanz, E.I.T.

Past Chair of DAWEG-
APEGBC Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering and Geoscience.  

Anja is an Intermediate Engineer at Autopro Automation Consultants and holds a BASc Engineering Physics from UBC. Anja loves challenges and variety in her work environment. During her education, she worked in the following areas: Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Locomotives, Automotive Batteries, and Human Robot Interaction. After graduation, she was employed at Imasco Minerals Inc. as a Project and Research Engineer developing new ways to produce expanded microspheres such as Perlite. Anja likes travel, history, professional development, networking, yoga, and psychology.

Outreach Coordinator: Donna Denny, P.Eng.

Outreach Volunteer #1 for DAWEG- APEGBC Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering and Geoscience.  

Donna completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan and her Masters Degree at UBC. Donna's career has spanned various industries and applications, often taking on roles "out of the norm" which has helped her to specialize. The first was her appointment as an international commuter and data acquisition specialist for offshore seismic operations. After 4 years she decided that working offshore was no longer for her and she took up permanent residence in Vancouver where she tried her hand as project engineer, then quality engineering before finally specializing in two distinct fields - torsional vibration analysis and product regulatory compliance. In 2008, as product compliance manager, she helped lead the engineering team to the successful certification of one of the largest offshore hoisting applications in the world. In 2009 she started her own consulting company, Legato Engineering, offering to her clients her two areas of specialization. She currently also holds the position of Product Compliance Manager at Westport Fuel Systems in Vancouver. As DAWEG outreach coordinator, Donna is hoping to entice other women into this field that has brought her so many diverse challenges and adventures.

Events Coordinator: VACANT!

Events Coordinator for DAWEG-
APEGBC Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering and Geoscience.  

The Event Coordinator plans and organizes various events for DAWEG members, the APEGBC community, and our local community to promote and achieve DAWEG initiatives and bring more awareness to women in engineering and geoscience. The role also includes pursuing new business development opportunities.


  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to coordinate volunteers for DAWEG events;
  • Coordinate all aspects of DAWEG events: venue, budget, logistics, all parties involved;
  • Attend all DAWEG meetings and events;
  • Be willing to train and mentor their successors;
  • Promote DAWEG events;
  • Manage, organize, and control the events email account for DAWEG; and
  • Pursue new business devopment opportunities.

Term of Office: Please commit at least one year to this role.

Average Time Commitment: An average of 3-5 hours per week plus additional hours during DAWEG events.

Please contact our Chair if you are interested or come to our next DAWEG Roundtable Discussion, tentatively scheduled for some time in April 2017.

We need you!

Retention: Poh Cheng Lim, B.Sc.

Outreach Volunteer #2for DAWEG- APEGBC Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering and Geoscience.  

PC Lim, graduated with a BSc Civil Engineering and has worked in engineering and leadership positions in various industries such as Engineering Consultancy, Township Development, Railroad and Energy industry. She has proven experience in Engineering Management, Project management and Construction Management. She was a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Council for a Fortune 500 Company and is happy to have the opportunity to continue the good works achieved so far with DAWAG as Director of Retention.

Secretary: Besire Culhaoglu, M.Sc.

Secretary for DAWEG- APEGBC Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering and Geoscience.  

Besire is an Environmental Engineer with over 16 years of industry experience and is the Founder and Principal of BEC Green Group - Global Sustainability Solutions. The company is a boutique environmental consulting firm with a global scope and focus on research, project management and business development in communications, sustainability, clean technology, renewable energy and site assessments/remediation projects.

Besire completed her recent MSc degree in Environmental Management at the University of Stirling in Scotland and will start the Doctorate of Social Sciences Program at the Royal Roads University in Victoria, hoping to focus her research on sustainability, leadership and advancement of female professionals in the workplace.

Besire has over eight years of numerous local non-profit accomplishments including mentoring with the YWCA NextStep Program and Futurpreneur Canada. She is active on several boards, including BC Women in Energy Network, Parkgate Community Services Society and Seymour Art Gallery and serves as the Vice-Chair of the District of North Vancouver Parks and Natural Environment Committee.

Besire is very proud to have initiated the PCSS -Youth Action Committee Speaker Series with the vision to empower North Shore youth in creating their personal branding and reaching their career goals. As the DAWEG Secretary, she is thrilled to continue contributing to the Board's collective effort of creating change in women engineers and geoscientists' recognition, advancement and retention in the workplace.

LinkedIn: Bengül Kurtar, P. Eng., PMP

LinkedIn Volunteer for
DAWEG- APEGBC Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering and Geoscience.  

Bengül has over 25 years experience in environmental engineering including feasibility studies, treatability studies, water quality assessment, process selection, environmental impact studies, environmental regulations and standards, permitting, design of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, biosolids management and energy recovery projects, preparation of procurement documents, contract administration and project management. She likes hiking and photography. She volunteers for North Shore Hikers and Nature Vancouver. Bengül climbed the highest peak in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro, in mid-March 2014. The climb was part of Watercan’s Kilimanjaro Climb for Life campaign to raise awareness and funds to help combat the global water and sanitation crisis.

DAWEG 2015 Memorial T-shirt Committee (Past): Rim Slim, B.Eng., M.Eng. Electrical, MBA

DAWEG 2015 Memorial T-shirt Committee:-
APEGBC Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering and Geoscience.  

Operations Director with over 25 years of professional experience in telecommunications and aerospace industry, working on large and complex information systems, combining technical knowledge with project management, operations management, HR and leadership skills. Sponsored and supported SFU and UBC student events coordinated by APEGBC, IEEE, and Women in Engineering (WIE). Interested in mentoring men and women working in the engineering and science fields who are transitioning into management roles.

DAWEG 2015 Memorial T-shirt Committee (Past):

DAWEG 2015 Memorial T-shirt Committee:- APEGBC Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering and Geoscience.  

Left to Right:
Rim Slim, B.Eng., M.Eng. Electrical, MBA
Claire Wheeler, B.A.Sc., E.I.T.
Catherine Bowick, B.Eng., P.Eng.

Webmaster: Catherine Bowick, B.Eng., P.Eng.

Webmaster for DAWEG- APEGBC Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering and Geoscience.  

Catherine is a Professional Engineer with over 12 years engineering experience in defense related R&D and mechanical design of chemical plants. She graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor's in Honors Mechanical Engineering. She has also spent time teaching high school math to adult classes and designing and programming databases for web applications. After a 10 year hiatus, she is preparing to return to work as an engineer and has a particular interest in design and development of projects for bettering quality of life. Catherine's favorite pastimes are modern dance, music and art and she excels at organization, communication and creativity.
As the webmaster for DAWEG, Catherine would like to make the website as current, upbeat, and comprehensive as possible.

Finance/Treasurer: Jaclyn Bowman, E.I.T.


Jaclyn graduated from the joint UBC/UNBC Environmental Engineering program. She has been working in environmental and mining consulting with a focus on water resources for the past four years. She enjoys connecting with people from other disciplines and is looking forward to working with the whole DAWEG team.

Outreach Coordinator: Natalia Danchova


This is Natalia's first year as an Outreach Coordinator. She is really looking forward to talking to young women and girls about engineering and what a satisfying and wonderful career it can be. Please contact Natalia or our other Outreach Coordinator, Donna, if you would like to coordinate any outreach events to your school or organization. We would be happy to help and spread the word about how great an engineering career can be!

Student Liaison: VACANT


Attention students! This position is a great way to become involved by bringing the message of APEGBC's DAWEG Divison misson to your student body and reporting your students' perspectives to us. We really appreciate our student members and we want to know what is important to you! If interested, please contact our Chair Sarv Jahankhani any time, or come to our next Roundtable Discussion, tentatively set for February 2017.








DAWEG 2015 Memorial T-shirt Committee


Student Liason


Do you have any ideas for a position not mentioned? Email us and let us know or come to our next DAWEG Roundtable Discussion!

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