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2016 Past Events

December 6th Ecole Polytechnique Massacre Memorial and Holidya Social, Tuesday December 6, 2016

Reading at the DAWEG 2016 December 6 Memorial and Holiday Social

Roses at the DAWEG 2016 December 6 Memorial and Holiday Social

Great Turnout to the Memorial & Holiday Social!

"Thank you to everyone who came on Tuesday night (Dec 6th) to our Memorial and Holiday Social. For a very cold, icy and snowy weeknight, we had a great turnout of more than 20 DAWEG members and their guests.

On behalf of the DAWEG organizers, I would also like to mention that we really appreciate the attendees taking the time to listen to our speech and have a moment of silence to remember the anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique Massacre and subsequently our National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

It was an especially enjoyable evening because as a group because we had a chance to socialize and catch up at a new venue called the Tuc Craft Kitchen. The atmosphere was really nice, festive and down to earth. I think that everyone enjoyed themselves and I look forward to organizing another successful event.

If you have any feedback on this event or ideas for our next event, please email me as I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!"

Jennifer Johnson, Events Coordinator, DAWEG

Roses at the DAWEG 2016 December 6 Memorial and Holiday Social

DAWEG Annual General Meeting & Round Table Discussion

DAWEG 2016 Annual General Meeting

past and present chairpersons Anja and Sarv

The Annual General Meeting and Round Table Discussion was held Novemember 2, 2016 with over 20 people in attendence. The 2016/2017 Board of Directors, including a new Chair, were voted in as follows:

  • Chair - Sarv Jahankhani, E.I.T.
  • Past Chair - Anja Lanz, E.I.T.
  • Outreach - Donna Denny, P.Eng.; Natalia Danchova, E.I.T.;
  • Events - Jennifer Johnson
  • Retention - Poh Cheng Lim
  • Secretary - Besire Culhaoglu
  • Webmaster - Catherine Bowick, P.Eng.
  • Finance, Treasurer - Jaclyn Bowman, E.I.T.
  • Student Liaison - VACANT

Please see DAWEG Board Roles for descriptions and check out our Contacts Pageif you'd like to get in touch! NOTE, we still have a VACANT Board Position that we would are looking to be filled. Please contact the our Chairperson
if you are interested or come to our next Roundtable Discussion, tentatively planned for some time in February 2017.

For a full list and description of Past Events, see Past Events

EG-Fest (Engineering/Geoscience-Fest), Saturday March 19, 2016 -10am to 4pm at Vancouver Public Library


National Engineering Week

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DAWEG was part of this year's EG-Fest - a one-day event (trade show style) put on by engineering and geoscience professionals and companies taking place during the annual National Engineering and Geoscience Month.

It's a great opportunity for people in our community to see first-hand how the many facets of engineering and geoscience affect our everyday lives. The main goal of EG-Fest is to extend public knowledge and appreciation of engineering and geoscience. Each year, several thousand people passed through the VPL promenade to visit the many booths, demonstrations, and exhibits as well as to speak with the representatives to learn about our profession.

This year we did something new. DAWEG is continuously looking for ways to promote women in all the corners of our field and this year we invited an inspiring organization, with female members to be featured at our booth. We invited UBC Biomedical Engineering Student Team (BEST) this year; Their organization is comprised of 80 students, 40 of which are female! They worked side by side with our volunteers and spoke about their projects, successes and how their diversity has helped them along the way.

Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch
350 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C.

Logo for UBC Best

Logo for Vancouver Public Library

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